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When choosing a dental clinic in the North Charleston and Goose Creek, SC area, it makes sense to choose one with state-of-the-equipment and up-to-date procedures. Dentistry is very much part of the medical world, and you don’t want anything less than the best when it comes to your oral health. Dr. Richard Rutecki at Sensational Smiles of Charleston brings the worlds of medical procedures and dentistry together to create and implement the right treatment plans for each and every patient.

3D Printed Dentures and Hard Nightgaurds

Now equipted with the lastest technology of 3D printing, we are able to make your dentures and hard nightguards in-house.  The majority of these procedures involves no goopy impressions, just digital scaning (like our crown technology).  This produces better fitting products as there is no material flaws due to expansion or shrinkage.  These materials are actually stronger than conventially processed products.


Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Treatment

Modern medicine meets dentistry with the use of platelet rich fibrin or PRF treatments. As the name implies, PRF is plasma that has been enriched with platelets. The purpose of this treatment is to improve the speed and quality of healing of gum related injuries due to oral surgery or accidental injury. Platelet rich fibrin is derived from the patient’s blood and helps speed the healing and regeneration of soft tissue. It also reduces the common bleeding associated with oral procedures and surgeries, and is especially for useful for older patients. Additionally, platelet rich fibrin is currently being used for other medical and dental applications, such as for sports injuries to tendons and cartilage and for osteoarthritis. This new and innovative approach to treatment and healing is just one of the modern advances offered by Sensational Smiles of Charleston.


Panoramic Digital X-rays and 3D Imaging

Dental X-rays have come a long way. Todays dental X-rays are safer, faster, more comfortable and more informative than the X-rays of years past. Dr. Rutecki and his team utilize the advanced Planmeca ProMax 3D to get an unparalled a look inside the bone sctructure of your mouth and jaw. The high-quality images of your teeth allow Dr. Rutecki to plan your treatment with pin-point precision and accuracy. Thanks to the innovative design of the device, these images can be taken quickly, safely and comfortably, with very low patient dose levels. The exceptional diagnostic information provide by this device ensures that our patient get the best treatment for their teeth and that potential problems are caught in their earliest stages.


At Sensational Smiles of Charleston, Dr. Rutecki and his team are dedicated to bringing the latest and most effective dental treatments to their patients. By keeping equipment and procedures up to date, he is able to offer the best services to the North Charleston, Goose Creek, and Summerville communities. From six month dental check-ups to creating high quality dentures in the on-site lab, to the treatment of a host of common and not so common dental disorders and disease, Sensational Smiles of Charleston is equipped for any dental situation. Call for an appointment and consultation today.


Cerec In Office Crowns

With the Cerec crown milling system we can digital scan and mill your crowns, bridges and veneers right in our office.  For the majority of single tooth crowns we can fabricate your crown from start to finish in the same day, from tooth preparation to crown cementation.  Multiple crowns and bridges may require 2-3 days to fabricate while you are wearing a cosmetic temporary during this time.  There are times we still prefer to utilize outside labs when complex situations arise or different materials are required.  Even with this is utilized we still digitally scan your mouth rather than use the conventional impression materials.