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Do you pull wisdom teeth?

Yes, we offer extractions on all teeth. Some extraction patients do have to be referred out to an oral surgeon based on high health risk or difficulty of surgery which may require full sedation.

Do you put patients to sleep?

We do not offer IV sedation, but we offer Halcion oral sedation in a pill form. We are now offering Nitrous Oxide (gas) sedation for an additional fee.

Do you accept Medicare/Medicaid?

Medicare is coverage that is for medical treatment only and very limited to use in dentistry. We do not accept Medicaid.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we accept payment plans through Care Credit, Alpheon and Rectangle Care Now/Pay Later. Care Credit has many options for financing at 0% interest. See our Finance Option page for details. We do not accept payment plans set up through the office.

Can you tell me what my insurance will cover?

Pretreatment estimates are recommended for patients of record. This will give you an exact amount that your insurance will or will not cover. If we have never seen you and are not a patient of record, we cannot tell you what your coverage will be. Please understand that there are so many variables to insurance companies that it is impossible to guess what your coverage will be. Please make an appointment for a treatment plan and consult with the doctor. Pretreatment estimates take approximately 2 weeks, and you will often receive your copy first.  Our staff will do everything to give you on the spot coverage, when emergency arrive, via internet or contacting your insurance via phone if available.

What type of discounts do you offer?

Our fees are very reasonable. We offer discounts for cash or upfront payment.  We do honor a 10% discount for police, firemen, and retired military.

Can you quote over the phone?

All diagnoses are made by the doctor to include a clinical and radiographic exam. If you have not yet visited our office for a treatment plan, we cannot quote a fee.

What are your office hours?

Monday through Thursday 8 AM – 5 PM and Friday 8 AM – Noon

Do you do cleanings?

Yes, we have 2 registered hygienists on staff whom take care of all your preventive and continuation of treatment needs.

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes, we offer handicap parking, ramps, elevator and wide doorways for wheelchairs.

How many dentists do you have?

We have only 1 dentist, Dr. Rutecki.  We operate as a family-owned dental office with a comfortable atmosphere rather than a corporate type office.

Why doesn’t my lower denture stay in? (or not stay like old set?)

While an upper denture is held in by suction, there are very few muscles or “moving parts.” Suction is not possible on a lower denture due to less surface area to cover and there are many “moving parts” such as your tongue, cheeks and lips, which easily dislodge a lower denture. Some people can wear a lower denture with no problem and others only find comfort with implants and a snap-in overdenture.  This is where dental implants prove very useful.

How long will my filling be sensitive?

New restorations (fillings) are commonly sensitive from a couple of days to multiple weeks, depending on the depth/extent of the filling and materials used. **If your bite feels off, call the office for an appointment to check the bite of your new filling. If a filling is hitting too hard, it will cause additional sensitivity and may damage the tooth.** While we make every effort to adjust your bite at the end of your filling appointment, numbness could prevent you from giving us feedback.

Do I need to be premedicated before my dental appointment?

Premedication requirements continuously change based on current findings in the medical community research. The current recommendations for anyone with an artificial joint replacement is not required to pre-med before dental procedures. Many conditions that used to require pre-med no longer do.  Contact our office for specifics.

I am allergic to metal/nickel, can I still receive a filling or a partial with metal in it?

Few people have true allergies to materials used in the mouth. Many times it may be additional factors that affected you to have a reaction. There are many alternative materials we may use to avoid any reactions. Partials can be made nickel-free, which is our most common allergy issue.  We do not use metal fillings in our office.

What is the best dental insurance?

No insurance is best for all dental procedures. Some insurance plans may reimburse well for one thing (i.e. fillings) but may be unusable for others (ie. extractions, dentures). Variations may exist between 2 coworkers with the same insurance company, but signed up for slightly different options.

Do I have to sign all of those HIPAA papers?

Simple answer- NO. By not signing, we are not authorized to file any of your insurance or call your insurance company on your behalf to fight for payment. We cannot discuss treatment or financial arrangements with anyone unless you authorize them on this form. We have tried to make the current paperwork as easy to understand as possible. Your personal information will not be given out to any entity without your need and knowledge. We do not partake in any research or surveys that would involve personal information.