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Partial Fee Schedule


Upper or lower partial denture - resin base:    $750.00 each

Basic acrylic with basic teeth. May be utilized also as a temporary after extractions prior to receiving a cast metal partially as a less expensive permanent partial.  3 months warranty. 30 days of adjustments.

Upper or lower partial denture - cast metal framework:   $1500.00 each

A cast metal partial involves a metal framework (not visible) to allow for added strength and function. This type of partial takes approximately 2-3 weeks and may involve additional appointments with minor tooth preparations. This type of partial utilizes your remaining teeth as anchors which will take the biting forces much more like natural teeth. This should be considered if you wish to have a more permanent, sturdy partial denture that is more functional for chewing. 1 year warranty. 30 days of adjustments.

Upper of Lower partial deture- Flex Base (ex. Valplast)  $1500.00

This is made with a flexible material that is nearly unbreakable.  This type of partial has the esthetic type clasp (tooth color) for a much more cosmetic appearance, and is super light in weight.  There is no metal involved.  This partial must be processed off site and takes approximately 2-3 weeks.  This should be considered if you break partials often and wish for a super lighweight partial.  Due to the flexibility, this is best for only a few missing teeth.  This type of partial cannot be relined nor teeth added later.  1 year warrant and 30 days of adjustments.  

Finance Options



Simple:   $85.00 each

Complex: $150.00 each


Oral sedation (Halcion or Valium): $75.00

Gas (Nitrous) Sedation:  $80 per hour

Panoramic (whole mouth) X-ray  $90.00

REPAIRS or ADDING OF TEETH: $100.00 first tooth, $20.00 each additional tooth Some repairs may incur an additional charge due to extent of damage

Relines: Chairside $100.00 per arch, Lab processed $250 per arch

Gold Denture Teeth: $400.00 each

Transfer Gold Tooth: (each) from existing denture $400.00

Relines and Repairs: All Repairs and relines services at SSCHAS are guaranteed for thirty (30) days. We are not responsible for partials and dentures not made at our office.

Warranties Acrylic Partials: 30 day warranty, Cast Metal: 1 year warranty, Flex base:  1 year warranty