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About Sensational Smiles of Charleston

We opened our doors in April 2007 with a goal to provide great dental services at competitive prices. You will receive comprehensive care and will be offered all treatment options. Goose Creek dentist, Dr. Rutecki and staff truly believe in treating everyone honestly and caringly in a Christian environment, the way that each of us would like to be treated. Our staff will explain everything in terms you can understand. It is your mouth and we want you to make your own choices, so we are here to help you make educated decisions. Come with questions, and as always, feel free to get second opinions. We want to earn your trust.

Although we do make dentures and partials, we do not consider ourselves a denture ‘clinic’ or ‘center’. We take great care, time and patience with each and every patient. Our goal is to make your dentures or partials exactly the way you desire. As such, our prices are not rock-bottom like a denture center. At the same time, we are less costly than a regular dental office that has less demand for dentures and partials, while still producing a high quality product. We do not think you’ll find another office as good as ours.

We are pleased to offer implant placement in our office. This is very practical for replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Implants can function to replace a single missing tooth, all missing teeth, or may also be utilized as anchors to hold dentures in your mouth or a full arch porcelain bridge. Imagine being able to eat anything you want without the fear that your dentures might come loose and move around or fall out! Additionally, the base of the denture and palate can be nearly eliminated to remove that feeling of cramped space and improve your eating and speaking experience. By having this service in our office, we can offer implant retained dentures and full mouth implant bridges at an affordable price.

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